We at Moberg's Automotive Repair acknowledge that God owns this business. He commands us to serve others as He has demonstrated. In addition to conducting regular business, we are actively involved in numerous ministries including:

    1. We support the call of students to Trinity University by offering a 10% discount on all their vehicle repair bills.

    2. Scripture calls us to help meet the needs of those who are financially challenged. Working with Love Inc. (www.loveinclakecty.net) we provide free labor and parts at cost to those in need, including participating in several Sharefest Saturdays.

    3. Because we value the sanctity of life, we partner and participate with Kindred Life Ministries (formally Teen Mother Choices). Kindred Life Ministries provides, amongst other things, parenting and vocational training to teen mothers who have chosen to raise their children.

    4. We embrace the Great Commission by providing ongoing financial and prayer support to many worldwide ministries, including: Glints (Global Intercultural Services), Cornerstone, Evangelism Explosion, and TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission).

    5. We support the educational needs of students close to home by offering scholarships to students attending Trinity University.

    6. We also recognize the need for educational support overseas. Currently we support two students in Central Africa who attend Grace Brethren Seminary, and two students in Sri Lanka attending Colombo Theological Seminary.

    7. Locally we are partnering with numerous churches to provide automotive service to those in need, and providing funds for short-term missions and other church activities.